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"The Unconventional Engineer" 2019-20 Year in Review cover


When the unpredictable happens, our thinking has to be unconventional."

Letter from the Dean

I don't need to tell you that 2020 has been a year of great upheaval. In the face of a global pandemic, elections and unrest, it has been made abundantly clear that the world is crying out for innovative, critical solutions to the greatest issues affecting our lives. When the unpredictable happens, our thinking has to be unconventional. And NYU Tandon is where unconventional engineers learn, teach, research, and invent.

Dean Jelena wearing a face mask at the MakerSpace with Victoria Bill

We are educating and empowering new generations of engineers who are capable of taking on unprecedented challenges. When the pandemic hit, we hit back. Our researchers attacked the problem head on, creating new technologies to study the way the disease spread and developing technologies to monitor symptoms and enhance testing. We were prepared because NYU Tandon has been working at the intersection of engineering, healthcare, and life sciences since long before 2020. We’re creating next-generation solutions at every scale — from designing “labs-on-a-chip” to engineering biomaterials for targeted drug therapy to improving the nation’s telehealth systems. We don’t wait for a crisis — we look to the future to make good health and safety a priority.

We’re also tackling threats to our lives in other ways. In the realm of politics, we are building technology to keep the democratic process fair and accountable, whether it’s tracking political ad spending or tackling the rise of deepfake technology. In an increasingly online world, our cybersecurity experts are ensuring public safety in digital spaces, and we’re helping build ethical AI, creating the next generation of robotics, redesigning cities so they work for everyone, and plenty more.

Our unconventional approaches are getting the recognition they deserve. We have rocketed more than 40 spots in the US News Rankings in the last decade. Around half of our faculty members hold National Science Foundation CAREER or other young investigator awards. And we’re accomplishing all this by creating a school that is actually reflective of the country we live in. We’re narrowing the STEM gender gap, building an inclusive and welcoming place for all, and improving as an institution in the process. We’ve implemented a series of diversity and inclusion initiatives, released strategic plans to ensure greater participation from all populations in STEM, and remained dedicated to creating a campus that does our City and Borough proud.

dean jelena with students
born anywhere, made in Brooklyn

Still, there is much work to be accomplished. The world has presented multiple problems that need to be addressed immediately. We’re excited to take it all on. When our engineers come together and bring their know-how, creativity, and energy to bear, you can be sure that the solutions come from here in Brooklyn. It’s what we call NYU Tandon Made — ideas born from equal parts determination, street smarts, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a healthy measure of heart.

So come take a look at what we’re building at NYU Tandon. We promise, it’s like nothing else you’ve seen before.

— Jelena

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