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The 100% Online NYU Tandon Bridge Certificate program is an affordable, flexible way for students with a non-technical background to develop the skills necessary for a STEM Master’s degree.

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Please note: We anticipate the 2023 application to open in early Fall. To be notified when the application is available, please fill out the Request Information form

Program Overview

The NYU Tandon Bridge course aims to prepare students without a technical background to become eligible to apply to one of our select STEM Master’s degree programs or to advance their career.

The NYU Tandon Bridge program is taught by faculty members of the Computer Science department at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, aided by NYU Tandon Graduate student teaching assistants. The curriculum was designed so that you will gain the knowledge prerequisites for any of our select Master’s programs.

The Bridge course is a single non-credit certificate course that is equivalent to 400 hours of learning and more than three courses containing topics in Computer Programming in C++, Object Oriented Design, Discrete Math, Data Structures and Algorithms, Principles of Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Networks. Students will be required to use the NYU Tandon Bridge program textbooks.

Basic proficiency in college algebra and some exposure to C++ is recommended for success in the course. Please see our suggested Preparatory Resources for learning before the start of the course.


Program Structure and Time Commitment

The Bridge program is a single course, available as a 17-week or 24-week course (please note that both durations are not available for all semesters. Please see our Course Calendar for availability.) The course starts every Winter (January), Spring (March), and Summer (July). Both courses contain the same content and offer the same benefits with the only difference being the duration of the course. Students should plan to spend about 20-30 hours a week if they are enrolled in the 24-week course, or 30-40 hours a week for the 17-week course.

In the course, students participate in interactive online modules, live webinars, assignments, and tests. Each week, your professors will host a virtual meeting to discuss the week's lecture and topics, and answer students’ questions. The course is taught asynchronously, and students who are unable to attend the live lectures will be able to re-watch them within the course site, and reach out to the professors and teaching assistants with any questions. There are 4 exams throughout the course, and the dates will be announced to students before the start of the course. Students are required to set aside time to study and complete assignments by their given due dates. Before the start of the course, students will gain access to an online orientation where they will be able to interact with classmates and will be able to take a practice exam.


NYU Tandon Bridge Certificates

Students who receive a grade of C or higher will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students who receive a grade of B+ or higher will receive a Certificate of Distinction. A Bridge Certificate will be recognized as part of your Master’s degree application to one of our select Master’s degree programs and signifies that you have a working knowledge of the NYU Tandon Bridge program topics. However, completing the Bridge or earning a certificate does not guarantee admission to a Master’s degree program.


Applying from Bridge to Master's

Students who attend the NYU Tandon Bridge course are eligible to apply for one of the following NYU Tandon Master’s degree programs, in addition to any number of our Partner Institution programs. Visit our Applying from Bridge to Master’s page for details on applying as a current or past Bridge student.

  • Computer Science

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cyber Fellows

  • Bioinformatics

  • Computer Engineering

  • CUSP Applied Urban Science and Informatics

  • Integrated Design & Media 

  • Partner Institution Master’s programs


Program Benefits

Bioinformatics Bridge Program

Engineering Background not Required

Fully Online Bridge Program


Graduate Study Bridge Program

Prepares you for Graduate Study + Bridge students receive a Master’s application fee waiver

Bridge Program Cost

Cost: $1,850* 

Apply to M.S. Without GRE Icon

Apply to Master’s without the GRE

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Flexible Learning


*Equivalent to three courses, estimated savings of $15.8K

Master’s Degree Program Pathways

Students who attend this course are eligible to apply for one of the following Master’s degree programs at NYU Tandon, in addition to any number of our Partner Institution programs.




NYU Tandon Bridge Course Material

We have provided recommended preparatory courses, in addition to some videos which will introduce you to some of the concepts you will learn about in the Bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

NYU Tandon Bridge frequently asked questions and answers regarding admission and enrollment, tuition and payment, curriculum, support, and how to pursue a Master's degree.

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