Our Areas of Excellence

NYU Tandon is engineering creative and smart, connected and secure, sustainable and healthy urban communities.

We’re doing so by focusing on fields in vital research areas and the intersections between them. That focus allows us to build upon our rich history, chart a path to a better future for the entire planet, and prove you can be born anywhere but made right here in Brooklyn. 

Areas of Excellence Flyer


We’re doing research that will make the next era of communications and connection possible.


Today, our computer systems, services, and devices are more important than ever, and so is keeping them safe.

Data Science/AI/Robotics

The collaboration between these fields is generating world-changing technologies.

person wearing VR headset

Emerging Media

The next immersive VR experiences, killer apps, and new gaming platforms are made here.


Today more than ever, it’s clear that everything depends on our health.

wind turbines


The world is facing serious challenges due to global warming and other environmental threats.

NYC skyline


The world is changing, and it's clear we need to help drive that change.